Napalm Death promise 'mayhem riffage'


Napalm Death are back in the studio, recording guitar tracks for their us-yet-untilted 16th studio album.

A message on the grindcore pioneer’s Facebook page says: “Song number 2 is getting the guitars tracked as I type. A great mixture of old school hardcore/grind and crunching pit mayhem riffage.”

The new album is being recorded at Parlour Studios, England with Russ Russell overseeing production and will be the band’s follow-up to 2012’s Utilitarian.

The group entered the studio back in April, saying: “We’re getting some cool dynamics in drum tones and songs, which will ultimately lead to a more diverse and crazy-sounding album.”

In the gap between Napalm Death albums, guitarist Mitch Harris and bassist Shane Embury formed Menace, whose debut album, Impact Velocity, was released earlier this year.

Napalm Death hit the road next month across Europe, before embarking on a South American tour.