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My lockdown with Nad Sylvan

Nad Sylvan
(Image credit: Nad Sylvan)

Steve Hackett vocalist and solo artist in his own right Nad Sylvan has checked in with Prog to say hello to our readers  and let us know how lockdown has been going on over in Scandinavia during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can watch Nad's video in full below.

Sylvan was in the middle of a run of Steve Hackett live shows in America when they were forced to cancel the remaining dates and return home.

"Thank God I live in the country," Nad tells Prog. "Just me and my cat in my log house up on a hill overlooking lake Uttran, 30 minutes outside Stockholm city. Since I arrived back home from the US, on March 15 (we had to cancel the remaining two weeks of a five week tour) everything has been pretty normal for me. Gardening, long walks in the forest, horse riding and recording a new album. I do however take the car to the grocery store twice a week, and always during midday or later in the evening. A bottle of hand sanitiser in the glove compartment is a must. I see my neighbours, but that’s it. Stay where you are!"

Sylvan released his last solo album, The Regal Bastard, the final album in his Vampirate triptych, in 2019.