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Musical genius covers Red Hot Chili Peppers using actual red hot chilli peppers

Tyzo Bloom plays RHCP on chili peppers
(Image credit: TikTok @ Tyzo Bloom)

For today's instalment of 'we love the weird shit you guys get up to on the internet', we invite you to meet Tyzo Bloom, a TikTok artist who covers songs using a variety of household objects and vegetables. No, we’re not pulling your leg – in one of his most recent videos, Tyzo covers Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 2003 funk-rock classic Can’t Stop using – ever so satisfyingly – red hot chilli peppers. 

Hooking the peppers up to wires through a system known as Makey Makey – a kit that allows the user to turn any conductive item into an instrument – Tyzo connects the programme to his computer, allowing him to make the sweet, sweet vegetable music. Pressing on the peppers triggers the circuit, and results in a John Frusciante style guitar twang flooding out through the tech. Not only is it clever, but it’s seriously amusing too.

In Tyzo’s other videos, he plays Black Eyed Peas’ party anthem I Gotta Feeling using black eye peas, Smashmouth’s All Star using Converse All Star shoes, Florence & The Machine’s Dog Days Are Over using hot dogs and, well, you get the gist. Check it out below:


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