Tommy Lee: Solo projects have been waste of time


Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee says it’s been a waste of time working on solo projects while the band was fully active.

And he’s looking forward to working on ideas without being called back to the “mothership.”

Crue are currently on their farewell world tour, which ends on December 31. After that, a legal agreement between the members prevents them from hitting the road under the band name ever again.

Lee – who’s released two solo records and two more with Methods Of Mayhem – tells Yahoo: “Now that I look back, doing solo projects and other albums has been a waste of fucking time.

“They’re kind of fun. You get your ya-yas out, but the second you try to support something like that, the mothership calls and you’ve got to go.

“We’ve put a lot of passion and energy into some of those things and sometimes you go, ‘For what?’ But once this thing ends, we’re probably going to get involved in all kinds of crazy stuff. The doors are open for us to work with whoever we want.”

Last week support artist Alice Cooper revealed he’d offered to kill all four members of Crue on stage. Now Lee says: “That would be awesome. I asked him, ‘Can you make three more of those guillotines? Then you could chop off all our heads at the same time!’”

It’s not confirmed whether the stunt will take place, but Lee vows of their final show in LA: “We’re going to do something completely fucked up. I guarantee that.”

Motley Crue appear at this year’s Download festival at Donington. Frontman Vince Neil last month admitted he’ll often “start to choke up” while singing Home Sweet Home, the last song in the band’s farewell tour set.** **