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Miss May I on the year from hell

Miss May I have opened up on the year from hell that nearly put paid to their music career.

The Ohio group hit the skids in 2014 as they struggled to make ends meet and dealt with drummer Jerod Boyd’s divorce. It all came to a head when frontman Levi Benton was evicted form his house as the band were writing fourth album Rise Of The Lion in Seattle – 3000 miles away from home.

Benton tells Metal Hammer magazine: “I lost my house. It was to do with our contracts, but it happened while we were in the studio and my wife had to move out while we were writing Rise Of The Lion.

“So she’s bawling her eyes out down the phone, and I didn’t even get to go home while she and my whole house were just uprooted and moved. My whole life turned upside down.

“It was impossible. I was so mad about it. The whole of our career has been all happy smiles and flowers and stuff, and then last year just came out of nowhere.”

According to the vocalist, the group had to ask themselves, ‘Do we really wanna do this, do we wanna do the band?’

They gathered themselves and wrote fifth album Deathless, which Benton says is a mission statement after their turbulent year. He adds: “We’ve been in this band for so long, and we’ve all got closer through this and wanted to prove a point: even when shit gets rough, we still got this. We are always gonna push through.”

Read the full interview in the current issue of Metal Hammer magazine, available now in print, digital and via TeamRock+.