Mimi Barks drops abrasive new single, UNDEAD IT, featuring Envious

Mimi Barks press shot
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Mimi Barks has unveiled her latest single, the abrasive UNDEAD IT, lifted from her upcoming mixtape DEADGIRL, set for release on December 16 via Silent Cult.

The track, which sees the nu gen singer-songwriter collab with Brazilian-born trap star Envious, is ruled by a corrosive beat and demonically scathing vocals that explore the harsh realities of battling poor mental health.

'I be led by my demons but keep em in check / Tie you up with them chains on my neck / Got a glimpse of the void now you wish you were dead', Barks spits menacingly. 

UNDEAD IT arrives with a shadowy, artistically-textured video directed by Barks, which features the two vocalists perform from a dingy backstreet and basement. 

Speaking of the new single, Barks explains, “At war with myself, always. Self-hatred and anxiety. Numbing the feeling with intoxication, riots and resistance. As the song hypes the mirror breaks and the versions of me are doing their own thing not matching my reflection, like being surrounded by my demons which are mimicking my mannerisms and making it harder to differentiate my true self".

Envious adds:  “The lost side of me takes control the more I resist, and I can’t decide if I continue fighting or let it become me. It might be too late to recognize. At some point it blurred through and was buried, I’m not sure how I can undead it. Where do I go from here if I can’t see where I’m at?”.

Of the upcoming mixtape, Barks says: "From hatred for myself and the world, narcissistic and delusional aloofness and chaos in my brain, to self-growth through spirituality. From self-hailing to self-healing; this is the final dance for letting go of the past.

“It’s the rebirth of a broken child, a DEADGIRL. Now reborn as a leader, as her own god; indestructible and inviolable. This is revenge.”

Earlier this month, Barks unveiled her NSFW video for new single ABYSS, which was  banned on YouTube for a short while. Within the visual, the doom-trap vocalist writes around in the nude, smothered in blood while surrounded by goats. 

Check out UNDEAD IT below:

DEADGIRL tracklist:

1. Deadgirl
2. Ashes
3. Saw
4. Undead It X Envious
5. Rad
6. Nihil
7. 10.Steps.back
8. Suicide
9. Abyss

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