Metallica’s St Anger played by some guy whacking a beer keg with a baseball bat sounds pretty much identical to the original

Lars Ulrich and TikTokker playing St Anger on beer keg
(Image credit: Ernesto Ruscio/FilmMagic)

If you’ve ever wondered what Metallica’s St Anger would sound like if Lars Ulrich had decided to play an empty steel tub instead of a drumkit… well, you just have to go and listen to the original song.

But one enterprising TikTokker has taken it upon himself to recreate that 'baseball bat whacking a beer keg' sound by, well, whacking a beer keg with a baseball bat.

Devin Taylor – aka Fountane – cunningly tricked out his existing drumkit with a keg, which he then proceeded to play with an actual baseball bat.

The result is pretty impressive, nailing the original track’s infernal ringing sound perfectly. Mercifully, Devin”s version lasts just under 30 seconds, six-and-a-half minutes less than the song itself.

Metallica themselves have a mixed relationship with St Anger and its ill-starred parent album, which was made amid intra-band turmoil and interrupted by  James Hetfield entering rehab for treatment for alcohol addicton.  

At a gig in September 2022, Hetfield gently mocked the album, asking the audience to give it the thumbs up or thumbs down. A video from the same show showed the singer responding to boos at the mention of the album by jokingly tell the crowd: “OK, eight more songs from St. Anger, ready? Just kidding!” 

Metallica’s new album, 72 Seasons, will be released on April 14, with their M72 world tour kicking off on November 28 in Amsterdam.

Check out a clip of St Anger played on a beer keg with a baseball bat below.


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