Metallica will stream Record Store Day show live


Metallica will stream their Record Store Day concert live from a California music shop tomorrow.

The thrash icons – who’ve been named ambassadors for this year’s edition of the annual event – will perform at Rasputin Music, Berkeley, in front of a small audience of fan club members and shop customers.

The live stream starts on the Metallica Facebook page at 4pm PST (11pm GMT, midnight BST).

Drummer Lars Ulrich recently said: “Getting loud, noisy and sweaty at Rasputin’s transports Metallica right back to the core of its Bay Area beginnings. We can’t wait to celebrate Record Store Day while shaking up the East Bay old-school style.”

Meanwhie, James Hetfield and co have released a 1985 archive video that shows them performing Ride The Lighting in California in 1985.

The clip features bassist Cliff Burton, who was to die in a tour bus crash the following year. It’s included in the box set edition of their 1984 second album, which is released today (April 15) along with a similar version of 1983 debut Kill ‘Em All.

The titles are followed on RSD by a live album recorded at the Bataclan venue in Paris, with proceeds to be donated to the victims of the terror attack that took place there last year.

Metallica aim to release their 10th studio record this year.