Metallica break world record


Metallica have been entered into the Guinness World Records 2015 edition for their touring accomplishments.

The band have been recognised for being the first musical act to perform a concert on every continent in one year.

They set the record after playing 10 tracks for 120 scientists and competition winners in a transparent dome at Carlini Station in Antarctica in December 2013 – a show titled Freeze ‘Em All.

The gig followed shows in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia and they now take their place in the 60th anniversary edition of the book which is out on September 15.

Frontman James Hetfield says: “Seven continents in one year with Antarctica being the gig of a lifetime. Yes, 120 scientists and competition winners – not to mention the 300 very curious penguins.”

Because of the fragile nature of the environment, the band had to enclose their amplifiers in isolation cabinets, with the sound played to the audience via headphones. See the whole show below.

The band released Lords Of Summer – First Pass Version in June, with drummer Lars Ulrich saying the track was “fairly representative” of Metallica’s new material, although he revealed the next album might still be some way off.