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Metal Hammer debut Mastodon - Remission remaster at Sonisphere

Metal Hammer main man Alexander Milas gives Remission its world debut as part of Classic Album Sundays at Sonisphere.

Everyone has that special album, the one you have to listen to in its entirety. Whether you’re close to the music personally or it’s just that good - you can’t skip a beat. And that’s why Sonisphere is hosting Classic Album Sundays.

“I wanted to challenge the way we listen to music,” says founder Colleen Murphy. “We’ll have it on but don’t focus, we’re all guilty of streaming stuff on the computer while we’re doing something else. I just wanted to give a space for people to do nothing instead of being on demand like we all are all day.”

And how could you best spend an hour of your life doing nothing? Listening to Mastodon’s Remission remaster on an incredible sound system. The Masto guys stopped by for a chat with Hammer Ed-In-Chief Alexander Milas beforehand as a treat for the audience. The band themselves hadn’t even seen the finished copy of the new vinyl and Metal Hammer had the great pleasure of giving its first ever airing to Sonisphere. The album that made them “drop everything” and led to them eventually having a Top Ten album in the UK with Once More ‘Round The Sun last week. Will it be the next classic album?

Luke Morton