Metal Church bring back Howe


Metal Church have got back together with singer Mike Howe – and former frontman Ronny Munroe says he couldn’t be happier.

Munroe left the veteran metal outfit last year after a decade. Now he’s been replaced by the man who first fronted them between 1988 and 1994.

Howe says: “I didn’t want to come back to just for nostalgia – it had to be for the right reasons. It had to be the best stuff we’ve ever written, or it wouldn’t be worth it to anyone, especially the fans.”

Guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof described their upcoming material as “classic Mike-era Metal Church” and adds: “It’s both heavy and melodic. This is going to be truly epic.”

And Munroe has commented: “Congratulations to Mike in his appointment. Wishing him and the band all the best moving forward.”

The current lineup also features guitarist Rick VanZandt, bassist Steve Unger and drummer Jeff Plate. Their latest album is expected later this year via Rat Pak Records.