Meshuggah aim for diverse 8th record


Meshuggah guitarist Marten Hagstrom says the band’s 8th album, expected next year, is going to be “pretty diverse.”

The follow-up to 2012’s Koloss is being written now – and it’s powered by the members’ different approaches to creating new material

Last month drummer Tomas Haake demonstrated how he took a rough rhythmic concept and developed it into a song.

Now Hagstrom tells The Jasta Show: “I’m really attracted by the idea of taking something that’s really household – so fucking generic that it can’t possibly get any more generic.

“But you do something with it that makes it a new territory. Not rewrite the whole thing, but just tweak it a little.”

He says he’s currently writing a track that started out as “tragic metal” but adds: “It doesn’t come across that way because I tweaked it that extra mile.

“And I know Tomas and Dick Lovgren have been working on a lot of stuff that’s really out there – so it’s going to be a very diverse album.”

Meshuggah last year launched live DVD The Ophidian Trek as part of the band’s 25th anniversary celebrations – along with a remastered edition of their one-track EP I.