Mellencamp is a Troubled Man


John Mellencamp has issued a promo for his track Troubled Man.

It’s the opening song from his album Plain Spoken, which launched this week via Republic Records. It’s his first release since signing a lifetime contract with the label and his 22nd studio outing.

Mellencamp tells Time: “I’ve never been employed by anybody and didn’t like the idea of having to release records on a time schedule, which I did for 20-something years.

“So I got out of my record deal and thought I would become a free agent. But after 10 to 12 years, it became very tedious. I like the guy who runs Republic and we made a deal that I don’t have to release records on any time schedule – I just do what I want. It’s a special deal.”

He hits the road next year on a mammoth 76-date trek across North America to promote the album, starting on January 21 and wrapping up on August 4.

Plain Spoken tracklist

  1. Troubled Man 2. Sometimes There’s A God 3. The Isolation Of Mister 4. The Company Of Cowards 5. Tears In Vain 6. The Brass Ring 7. Freedom Of Speech 8. Blue Charlotte 9. The Courtesy Of Kings 10. Lawless Times