Mastodon love nerd fans

Mastodon drummer and vocalist Brann Dailor says the band are delighted to count so many "nerds" among their fanbase – and that's why they've celebrated the fact by filming Live Action Role Players for an upcoming video.

The promo for High Road, taken from upcoming album Once More ‘Round The Sun, features LARPers in a big way.

Last night Dailor told TeamRock at Sonisphere Finland: “It’s not something we’re really that into, LARPing, but my cousins back home are big into it. I’ve seen a few documentaries on it.

“There are all different factions of nerdom in the Mastodon world. LARPing is just one of them, and they’re all good video fodder. The video is shot – it’s sitting on someone’s desktop at home. It’s waiting to be edited. I’m not sure how soon it’ll be before you can see it, but hopefully in the next few weeks.”

Dailor reported the band have “literally millions of ideas” inspired by their supporters’ activities, adding: “A good proportion of the Mastodon fanbase are nerds – probably.”

Asked whether one track on their upcoming sixth album represented the entire work, he replied: “Not really. It’s a whole thing; it need to be taken as one piece, one snowball that keeps rolling down the mountain.

“But if I had to pick a moment on the album I’d have to say Asleep In The Deep. That’s the song that, if David Bowie was here and was like, ‘Play me a song from your new album,’ I’d play him that. That’s if he even knew who we were in the first place!”

Once More ‘Round The Sun is set for release at the end of next month.

The FInnish edition of the Sonisphere festival took place yesterday in Helsinki, featuring Metallica, Slayer, Danzig, Mastodon, Ghost and Gojira. The UK edition will be held at Knebworth Park on July 4-6, headlined by Metallica, Iron Maiden and The Prodigy.