Marcus Hook Roll Band — Natural Man exclusive


When AC/DC were but a glimmer in Angus and Malcolm Young's eyes, The Marcus Hook Roll band (featuring elder brother George) released their only album, Tales Of Old Grand Daddy. Both Malcolm and Angus are thought to have played the album.

George Young and songwriting partner Harry Vanda — who later achieved significant international success as synth pop outfit Flash & The Pan — first recorded Natural Man during sessions at Abbey Road in London. Capitol Records in the US heard the track and asked the duo, who’d already returned to Sydney, to record an album. George roped in Malcolm and Angus to give them some studio experience, and the rest is history.

Engineer Richard Lush, who was one of the engineers on Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and recorded the sessions, spotted the potential right away. “I was amazed because they were like little kids”, he recalled later. “I thought Wow! This is amazing! Especially Angus”. [](

Two weeks ago we premiered Quick Reaction from the album.

Tales of Old Grand Daddy by the Marcus Hook Roll Band is out on June 2. You can pre-order the CD or vinyl from Amazon now.