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Man celebrates mayonnaise on an escalator in a hilarious parody to AC/DC’s Back In Black

Happy Harry Arbuckle AC/DC Parody
(Image credit: @happyharryarbuckle)

Ah, the internet. Modern society’s treasure chest of the nonsensical and downright weird. Where would we be without it? Never failing to provide the perfect scratch to our bored-out-of-our-minds-thanks-to-the-never-ending-pandemic itch, this time we’re delighted to declare that the internet has brought out the big guns. Folks, get ready for Mayonnaise On An Escalator.

Before you roll your eyes and set your sights on the close button in utter disgust at what appears to be just your average shitpost, think again. The aptly named TikTok user @happyharryarbuckle has turned AC/DC’s Back In Black into a song about – yep you called it – mayonnaise on an escalator, and it's bloody hilarious. So scrub your noggin’ clean from the sound of the internet's sea shanty craze, and let this little earworm take over. 

Uploaded just under a day ago, Happy Harry’s video has already received close to 400,000 likes, and we’re not surprised. Have you ever seen a man so excited to see mayonnaise on an escalator? Have you ever even seen mayonnaise on an escalator? Where is it going? Why does it fit so well with AC/DC? So many questions. But let’s not agonise over the details. Just inject your mind with some of this chaotic energy and set your worries free. 


Watch the video below:


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