Mallory Knox want action on mental health


Mallory Knox frontman Mikey Chapman says more needs to be done to protect musicians’ mental health.

He thinks there are too many distractions in music and wants more bands to open up on situations which affect them out on the road.

He tells Bound Films: “There’s a huge elephant in the room with the music industry that needs to be addressed and needs to be addressed quite quickly – and that’s to do with the mental health of a lot of musicians.

“Anxiety, depression, addiction is rife. It’s not a lifestyle. You’re plied with booze, plied with shit, and plied with these incredible moments of euphoria that are then followed swiftly by awful low points that just throw you completely out of whack.“

He continues: “I hear so many times people saying, ‘It must be so great to be out of the rat race, to be out of the monotony.’ But monotony is good for human beings. To stay on the level is something I yearn for.”

But Chapman adds that even with problems associated with the business, music is something he urges to people to embrace if they’re passionate enough.

He adds: “If you love music, love being in a band, love the idea of travelling the world and meeting new people and spending time with your friends writing, then dive right in.”

Mallory Knox will begin work on their third album following their current UK tour.