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Lute Gone Wild! Listen to medieval minstrels play Rainbow In The Dark by Lord Ronald of The House Dio

Ronnie James Dio
(Image credit: Algal the Bard)

And lo we went a-wanderin’ seeking magic in the night
Across hill and dale we journeyed far, drawn to a golden light
And there stood brave Sir Ronald, a slain dragon at his feet
Crying, ‘Rainbow In The Dark done ‘bardcore’ style would be really fuckin’ sweet!’

Then up stepped the bold Algal The Bard, a music maker he
From the Tube of You, he promised to, make demons and goblins flee
‘When there's lightning,’ he sang ‘you know it always brings me down’
And we grabbed lutes and flutes and serenaded Sir Ronald into Towne

Look, it’s Friday and there’s not much news, so excuse these simple rhymes
Basically someone’s done a Dio song, as if recorded in ancient times
Our voices roared, our hearts did soar, we raised a glass to departed friends
All hail Sir Ronnie for his magic tunes, now our noble quest must end.

And if you enjoyed that, why not listen to Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters given a Medieval makeover, or perhaps some olde System Of A Downe?