Like Rats stream new track Gates


Hardcore-infused death metallers Like Rats are streaming new track Gates exclusively with Metal Hammer.

Taking influence from the likes of Celtic Frost, guitarist Todd Nief tells Hammer “The goal on this most recent album [II] was to take that influence as well as the melting pot of extreme metal in the late ‘80s before ‘death metal’ became a codified style and create songs focused on melody and structure that could fit in with late ‘80s and early ‘90s releases by Incantation, Asphyx, and Morbid Angel without explicitly sounding too much like any of those bands.

“The riff is primary in our compositions, and we want to not only write songs that are melodically memorable, but to develop these themes throughout the composition in ways that create a narrative in the structure – and also scratch that ‘tension and release’ itch that pretty much every great songwriter intuitively grasps.”

II is out March 25, via Southern Lord.