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Lamb Of God in Easter Play Confusion

Lamb of God have unwittingly been caught up in an internet LOL-fest thanks to a church group in Virginia appropriating their logo for an Easter theatre production.

The Salem Community Easter Drama group, a Salem, Virginia church collective dedicated to spreading “the message of hope that is in Christ”, borrowed the band’s logo to advertise their Easter production on April 1819 at Sherwood Memorial Park Amphitheater. Much amusement followed when fans of the band, who formerly utilised the name Burn The Priest, were alerted to this rather unfortunate piece of cross-branding.

Aware of being the subject of mockery, the group subsequently issued an apology on their Facebook page, as follows:

“We understand there have been some unfriendly comments online because of a graphic we used on one of our invitation tickets that had not been properly vetted. That graphic is on those tickets only and is not the ‘official’ logo for the drama. We apologize for our mistake and for any confusion we may have caused. Now, back to our true purpose, and that is lifting the name of Jesus Christ!”