Lamb Of God DVD gets bonus disc

Lamb of God documentary movie As The Palaces Burn is to be released on DVD next month along with a bonus disc of unseen material, the band have confirmed.

The project began as a study of how music influences different cultures around the world – but when frontman Randy Blythe was arrested and charged with murder in 2012 those plans were abandoned.

Instead, the film documents his process through the legal system of the Czech Republic, and the way in which the death of fan Daniel Nosek affected the band, colleagues and friends.

The double DVD pack, which will be released via Epic, includes 90 minutes of scenes shot for the original movie before it was shelved. Features include interviews with late Gwar frontman Dave Brockie, Slash and Blythe, plus scenes from India, Israel and other locations.


Disc 1

  1. Program Start

  2. Opening Titles

  3. Practice Space

  4. Leaving For Tour

  5. South America

  6. Israel

  7. India

  8. Landing In Prague

  9. The Case Against Randy

  10. Free Randy

  11. Welcome Home

  12. Return to Prague

  13. The Trial

  14. Closing Remarks

  15. Back In Richmond

  16. Credits

Disc 2

  1. Chris Visits Philly

  2. Randy Skateboarding

  3. Randy On Longevity

  4. Randy At Memorial

  5. Jose Mangin Singing With Lamb of God

  6. John Shooting Stuff

  7. John In His Shed

  8. Jose – Caracas Character Profile

  9. Matt From Napa Character Profile

  10. Feras & Gil Character Profiles

  11. Randy In Caracas

  12. Randy Souvenirs

  13. Pratika Sings

  14. India Extended

  15. Pratika Indian Women

  16. Pratika Call Center

  17. India Day Of Show

  18. Israel Violence

  19. Exploring In Jerusalem

  20. Fundraising Extended

  21. Prague Lawyers Extended

  22. Chris In Prague

  23. Randy Post Verdict Interview

  24. The Devil Is The Details – Randy’s Short Film

  25. Slash Full Interview

  26. Oderus Urungus Full Interview

  27. Dave Brockie Full Interview

  28. Original Teaser

  29. Desolation Music Video

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