Lacuna Coil inspired by negativity


Lacuna Coil frontman Andrea Ferro says they were inspired to pen the track Nothing Stands In Our Way by the global financial crisis.

It appears on their latest album Broken Crown Halo which launched earlier this year – and Ferro says although it was written during a negative time, they gave the song a positive spin as they wanted to give people hope.

He tells Capital Chaos TV: “The inspiration for the song came from the negative situation that surrounded us while we were writing the album – news that the economy was collapsing, and people were losing their jobs and committing suicide because of that.

“All the negativity pushed us to focus on our dreams. Even if your dreams seem very far away, you need to be focused on them even in very negative times. Even if you have the worst thing happen to you, you still need to find that special energy to go on. That’s the message of that song.”

He also says people have to strike a better balance between their daily lives and using social media – a theme that runs throughout their seventh album.

He continues: “We feel there must be a better balance between how much we are slaves to these things and how much we could live our real lives.

“When I was a kid there were no mobile phones so I was out playing soccer with my friends for five hours in the afternoon and nobody could reach me – but nobody was getting scared. Now if your missing for one hour, everyone’s scared so we need to find a better balance – that’s basically the approach we took on the lyrics.”

Ferro recently stated the band’s next album would be heavier than anything they’ve previously written.