Kirk On Metallica’s ‘Alchololica’ Phase

Metallica‘s infamous ‘Alcoholica’ period saw them become the most notorious drinkers in heavy metal.

Their 80s hedonistic heyday would regularly see the thrash icons-in-the-making downing bottles upon bottles of beer, vodka and any other spirits their could get their hands on – and it was a period that Kirk Hammett feels lucky to have survived at all.

“It’s really hard to remember a lot of that, but I remember when we were doing that initial Alcoholica photo session with the big blow-up vodka bottle, we were really really drunk,” he tells Noisey. “After that, we spilled out onto the street, we were in London, we had beers in our hands, and we just sat there, right on the curb, and just continued to drink, and people were passing by, busses were passing by, and we were just so obviously out of our heads, wasted, just laying right there.

“Back in those days, we did consume a lot of vodka, and I’m so amazed that we didn’t get killed because all of us were driving back then. All of us were so wild, we were just wilding. I mean, I couldn’t get away with that these days because if I acted like that now, I would get in so much trouble. People would take pictures of me being a total drunken idiot, and all of a sudden, next thing you know, it’s on YouTube, and it’s viral.”

Following the somewhat mixed receptions to the Grammys performance and last year’s Through The Never 3D film adventure, Metallica are finally getting back to the business of recording new music, with an album expected to see the light of day next year.

In the meantime, we’ll get the chance to catch The Biggest Band In Metal once again at Sonisphere 2014, where they’ll be playing a fan-curated set! Head to to vote and find out more about Sonisphere at