Kim Fowley’s body stars on magazine cover


Fetish magazine Girls And Corpses have granted eccentric rock icon Kim Fowley his dying wish to be a cover star.

The former manager of The Runaways who also wrote co-wrote songs with Kiss and Alice Cooper died aged 75 in January after a long battle with cancer.

It was reported after his death that Fowley had expressed an interest in appearing on the cover and indicated he wanted former girlfriend Snow Mercy to be involved in the photoshoot. However, publishers were unable to contact her and now claim they’ve gone ahead and given the icon his final wish.

They say in a statement: “This is a truly historic moment in publishing because it is the first time a corpse has been photographed in a body bag with a fetish model and put on a magazine cover.

“We also have the last mad writings of Kim Fowley which we have exclusively published in this diseased issue and it will make your head spin and pop off.”

Fowley was played by Michael Shannon in the 2010 film The Runaways and called the turn “the performance of a lifetime.”