Fowley wanted his corpse to star in fetish mag


Kim Fowley wanted his dead body to feature in a fetish magazines called Girls And Corpses, it’s been claimed.

The eccentric rock icon – who died at the age of 75 last week after a long battle with cancer – is said to have made arrangements for his cadaver to be photographed for the magazine, which shows glamour models in provocative poses with the dead.

TMZ reports that Fowley, who managed The Runaways and co-wrote songs with Kiss and Alice Cooper, put plans in motion in 2012 in a series of emails sent to the mag’s publisher.

He wanted then-girlfriend Snow Mercy to be involved in the pictures and the publisher agreed to put him on the cover of an upcoming issue. But he later split with Snow and met a new partner. Publishers have been unable to contact her for permission to photograph his remains.

One email from Fowley reads: “Snow and her fetish friends could mutilate the body, providing real blood and guts and set my bones and blood on fire.”

Fowley was played by Michael Shannon in 2010 movie The Runaways and he described the actor’s turn as “the performance of a lifetime.”