Jesse Leach stands against domestic violence


Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach has written a song about domestic violence for the band’s next album after he became involved in a neighbours’ incident.

He’s also voiced his support for the black dot campaign, which urges victims to draw a mark on their hand to alert those who can help without drawing the attention of their attacker.

Leach says: “The black dot lets professionals know you’re a really vulnerable domestic violence survivor and that you need help, but can’t ask because your abuser is watching your every move. Help pass this information around – if it gains enough attention it could truly help someone in need.”

He adds: “This issue means a great deal to me as I know survivors and victims. In fact, I have written a song for the new record that’s about this precise topic.”

The frontman recalls having to “carefully intervene” in a situation with a woman who lived next door to him, after he heard her “scream and cry as she was hit repeatedly.”

Leach continues: “It’s disgusting that people endure this abuse. It’s much more prevalent than you may think – or perhaps, you know all too well?”

Despite the explosion of the black dot campaign in recent days, it’s not officially supported or recognised by welfare bodies. Campaign organisers say: “This isn’t the solution that will help everyone. Putting such a campaign on Facebook was about raising awareness on a social media platform.”

Work on Killswitch’s next album continues after Leach was forced to take a break from recording with a throat problem.

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