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Killswitch Jesse battles strep throat

Killswitch Engage were forced to take a day off from recording their next album as frontman Jesse Leach battled a throat infection.

The singer has shared “gross” pictures of the inside of his throat, showing white lumps that his doctor diagnosed as strep throat. But Leach initially feared it could be something more serious.

In an Instagram post, he says: “I have had a bit of blood come out of my mouth on the last tour, that freaked me out. Also, as of yesterday, I felt physically off and my throat was feeling irritated. I looked in the mirror with a light and saw the white splotches and kind of freaked.

“I am aware white splotches usually mean an infection, but I cannot help thinking the worse when it comes to my voice – as it is super important to my life. So it contributed to an already mentally and physically off day yesterday. Turns out it is strep throat with some swollen folds.”

Leach thanked his doctor for his quick action, and adds: ”I’m on the appropriate medications and will only have a one-day set back for recording.”

Meanwhile, Killswitch guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz says work on the follow-up to 2013’s Disarm The Descent is going well, but there’s still some way to go.

He tells Pure Grain Audio: “There aren’t too many concepts or themes yet. A lot of Jesse’s ideas are tying back to hanging on to the positive aspects of life through the negative aspects of life. There’s a lot of that thus far. We’re not completely done with the record, so we don’t have a lot of things.”

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