Keith Emerson film seeks funding


A documentary celebrating the life of late ELP keyboardist Keith Emerson has launched a crowdfunding campaign to make the film a reality.

Filmmaker Jason Woodford has been working on the film based on Emerson’s autobiography Pictures Of An Exhibitionist for several years. Emerson was to be executive producer on the documentary and had planned to score the final cut.

But following the keyboardist’s suicide earlier this month, Woodford says completing the project is now “as vital as it has ever been.”

Woodford reports: “Our intention is for the documentary to be a celebration of his life and his music, adapting the book first published in 2003, and updating it.

“After the tragic events of March 11, we feel getting Keith’s story out is as important and vital as it has ever been. Now is the time for you to join our team, and help create a record of this incredible musicians life story.

“Keith and his musical gift that has meant so much to so many, will never be forgotten.”

The film is seeking $38,000 and has so far reached just over $3500 with a month remaining.

Meanwhile, blog site Proglodytes has launched an awareness campaign titled Prog Suicide Awareness Week. It was created by Arthur Hatton with the aim of raising $1000 for the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention. Find out more.