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Katla release new song Dulsmál

Katla band promo photo

Katla – the new project from former Solstafir drummer Guðmundur Óli Pálmason – are premiering their new song Dulsmál exclusively with Metal Hammer.

Dulsmál is the closing the band’s upcoming debut album ​Móðurástin, due for release on October 27 via Prophecy Records.

Dulsmál was the last song we wrote for the album,” Guðmundur tells Metal Hammer. “Most of the songs were written by sending ideas over the internet as Einar (Thorberg, bass/guitar/vocals) was largely based in Norway at that time and I was in Iceland.

“Lyrically the song deals with insomnia and strange dreams, but also the promise brought by a new day peaking in through the window. The final touches were put to the song by adding samples of old farmers talking about The Almighty – or actually the lack of its presence – and the afterlife. I knew before we started actual work on the album that I wanted to use some samples, and the intro to the song was sounding a bit empty because of the long silence between the notes so it was a perfect part to fill in and it added a lot of atmosphere.”

Móðurástin is released October 27 and available to pre-order now.

Móðurástin tracklist

1) Aska
2) Hyldýpi
3) Nátthagi
4) Hvila
5) Hreggur
6) Kul
7) Móðurástin
8) Dulsmál

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