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Kanye stole our artwork say metal band

US classic metal band Christian Mistress say rap star Kanye West has stolen the logo they’ve been using since they formed.

And they can’t help wondering if he may have done it on purpose.

The outfit, inspired by NWOBHM icons including Iron Maiden and Diamond Head, came up with their artwork, based on an ancient religious figure, in 2008.

But just as they gear up for the launch of their third album, West has pounced on the same idea for his single All Day.

Christian Mistress singer Christine Davis tells the Village Voice: “We were very surprised and disappointed. We were worried that our artistic freedom was being taken away from us in just a moment.”

The band are concerned that, when others see their own artwork, it’ll be regarded as a rip-off of West’s. Davis says: “He’s using it on iTunes and on places where we also sell our music. If it’s intentional, that’s hurtful to us. We’re confused and disappointed.”