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Jones and Gramm to team up again

Foreigner co-founder Lou Gramm says he has plans to work with guitarist Mick Jones later this year– sparking hopes of a reunion.

Gramm leaked the news during an appearance on a rock radio station in New York in which he claims the pair are eyeing a get-together later in the year to pen new tracks which could feature on their respective solo albums next year.

He says: “Some time in September, Mick and I are going to get together and write some music. I’m excited about it and very much looking forward to it. I’m actually helping him with a couple of songs on a solo album that he’s going be releasing, and he’s going to help me with a couple of songs on an album that I’ll be releasing next year.”

Jones and Gramm had not performed together in 10 years until a reunion in June 2013 at the Songwriters Hall Of Fame in New York when they performed I Want To Know What Love Is and Juke Box Hero.

Gramm adds: “There’s always the possibility that we’ll perform together again – that’s been mentioned between the two of us, and we kind of said, ‘Yeah, that would be fun’. But there’s nothing going on between our respective managements about, ‘Oh, let’s make sure we put that together’.”

In a recent issue of Classic Rock, Gramm also hinted at unreleased material from their 1980s glory days possibly surfacing.

The singer reckons he and Jones made a start on a stack of songs which were never completed, saying: “We might take time next year to bring a couple of those out of the vaults. It’s a question of wading through them and finding a cassette machine to play them on.

“It’s actually the songs we were writing, working on together when we split up in 2003, so those were songs that were done at the end of the 90s and early 2000s, and they’re really good. I have the demos.”

Gramm left Foreigner in 2003 and was replaced by Kelly Hansen in 2005.