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Jonathan Davis: New Korn material has “really cool grooves”

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis says that although early, the new material he’s heard for the band’s next studio album is already sounding great.

It was reported back in May that James ‘Munky’ Shaffer and Brian ‘Head’ Welch had been writing pieces of music for what will be their 13th record.

And speaking exclusively with Metal Hammer, Davis says the process is moving along nicely.

He says: “I’ve listened to a bunch of stuff. There’s been really good ideas, really cool grooves. It really doesn’t start taking place until I get there and glue all the shit together with the arrangements and put my vocals on it.

“But they’re working with different producers and we’re gonna do the record and we’ll see – I’m really excited for it. 

“It doesn’t suck, I know that. I’m not going, ‘Go back, please.’ I’m more impressed on these than I was with Serenity Of Suffering, so…”

Asked whether the material so far is a continuation of the Korn sound or moving in a new direction, Davis adds: “We’ll see. Sometimes they write it and then I start fucking with shit and it turns into something different.

“That’s when I come in and they get all pissed off or they just get scared. I’m like, ‘See that feeling right there? That’s progress. When you’re feeling comfortable, no. I want you to be scared.’”

Korn will play three shows in September to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 1998 album Follow The Leader.

Scott Munro

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