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John Frusciante opens free online archive

Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante has released a raft of free music online.

He has launched Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages under the banner JF Directly From JF and made six collections of his work available to stream and download for free.

Explaining his decision in a post on his blog, he says: “I have put up a 19-minute group of six songs recorded on four-track cassette in May 2010, the instrumentation being three guitars and one drum machine.

“I have also uploaded a 37-minute collection of tunes made between 2009 and 2011 which were all recorded in my main studio during various stages of its development.

“Furthermore, you will find in these places the full 20-minute version of Sect In Sgt, my all-sample piece, in its entirety.

“In addition, there is an interpretation of the song Fight For Love from the movie Casa De Mi Padre, recorded one sunny afternoon in November 2013 by Omar Rodriguez and myself, plus Medre, a track recorded in 2008, and a vocal and guitar only version of the song Zone, from my album Enclosure.”

He adds: “It is my pleasure to give you this music. Sometimes I will announce here on my site that I have posted music in these places, and other times I will not. Any music I stream from here on my site will now be linked to my Soundcloud page.”