Ivan Moody to guest on In This Moment album

Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody is to guest on In This Moment's next album, he's confirmed.

He’ll return the favour done by Maria Brink when she sang on 5FDP track Anywhere But Here, which appeared on The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 1 last year.

But there are no plans to revisit The Promise, which Brink wrote with Moody in mind – but which had to be released in 2010 without him when contract restrictions made the duet impossible.

Moody, who’s at the centre of controversy after trying to persuade a nine-year-old girl to swear on stage, tells Rock 105.5: “Maria is such a sweetheart. She’s one of my best friends. I’ve been wanting to do something with her since the single fell through.

“They’re in the studio right now and I’m looking at doing a song on their CD. I’m waiting for them to send it to me. We’re not going to do The Promise – sorry – but we might do it live.”

Moody reveals he had to argue with his bandmates before they’d agree to cover The House Of The Rising Sun, which has won them acclaim for its video. He says: “The guys fought me on it. I’m an old-school rock’n’roll fan; that’s why I had them do Bad Company.”

Their first plan for the promo clip was to conjure up images of the old west – but Moody says the idea was ditched because of guitarist Zoltan Bathory.

He reports: “We wanted to have a Tombstone kind of feel to it. But Zoltan can’t ride a horse. He refused. I’m a farm boy, so for me it’s nothing big.” Still, he insists: “It turned out fantastic - it’s our best video.”

Ivan Moody interview

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