"It's almost auto-tuned": watch this vocal coach react to a fiery Babymetal performance

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If there's one thing certain about The Internet, it's that it's full of people who love to share their opinions on things. Be it discussing political affairs, their views on disappointing sporting events or how they think that new *insert band name here* album is so totally trash, chances are, you've scrolled past someone waving their fist or firing out some kind of spicy take.

Of course, the internet isn't just home to keyboard-slamming devil's advocates (although it might seem that way, sometimes), and if you speed past the negativity, there are some individuals who can provide thought-provoking commentary that can cause you to look at the world in new ways.

Los Angeles-based opera singer, voice coach and web video producer Elizabeth Zharoff is one of the latter. While it's easy to express how one might feel about a particular musician, Zharoff goes several steps further, and analysing performances and songs with her musically-sharpened ears, while making viewers focus on parts that they otherwise might overlook.

In one 23-minute video on her YouTube channel, the vocal coach watches a live Babymetal performance of Akatsuki, a song lifted from their 2014 self-titled debut album.

Initially, Zharoff appears impressed, as she listens attentively to the song's piano-embellished, vocal-driven beginning. 

Noting that Su-Metal has a very clear and steady vocal tone, particularly in how she remains undisturbed while singing a note, the coach describes her as "surgically precise in pitch" and almost as if she's been "tuned", aka auto-tuned.

Zharoff additionally notices the kawaii metaller's stage positioning, and says: "look at her stance, its so grounded, she's definitely got the horse stance that Bruce Dickinson has got too."

Towards the latter end of the video, she offers further praise on Su-Metal's obvious sense of professionalism and well-crafted talent.

"She's got so much reserve and power and endurance it's shocking" she says. "Yes, when you're young you can get away with a lot more, but I don't think this is just youth here. I really think she's got great training behind her. 

"She seems like such the seasoned professional for being quite, quite young... so powerful for such a little person too".

Of the overall Babymetal sound, she marvels out how much "fun" it seems, adding that "it really sounds like it's from anime."

Watch the video below:

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