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Introducing This Band Isn’t Real, a metal band name generator that uses artificial intelligence

This Band Isn't Real @ai_metal_bot
(Image credit: This Band Isn't Real @ai_metal_bot)

Band names often come about in weird and wonderful ways. Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler named the band after a Boris Karloff horror flick, while Led Zeppelin took inspiration from a prediction about how the group might fare (Keith Moon apparently said they'd go down "like a lead balloon"). And then there's Nickelback, excitingly named after a tradition in which singer Chad Kroeger – then a Starbucks employee – would give his customers a "nickel back" in change.

Sometimes finding the inspiration that will define your band isn’t always such a natural process. Step in This Band Isn't Real, a Twitter account that generates fake band names and fake album titles via artificial intelligence. It even generates the appropriate artwork. 

So far, the account has rustled up some pretty outstanding titles. If you’re lacking in name ideas for your new project, why not try Cosmic Horse of Nightmares? Or the Unruly Hurricane? We think Evil Chicken, with an album titled Master Of The Beak takes the win, but really, it’s up to you.

Give the page a whirl, you never know what metal AF creations might inspire you. 

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