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In Flames reached career goals years ago says Friden

In Flames' Anders Friden says he surpassed his own career goals years ago.

And the singer insists he doesn’t put pressure on himself or the band to sell records or make money.

The Swedish veterans released 11th album Siren Charms this month and Friden admits he is comfortable with whatever feedback it gets.

He tells Pitcam: “I so surpassed my goals. This is like the 10th album I’ve done with In Flames and I’ve done albums with other bands. I couldn’t even have imagined this when I started so everything from many years back is just a bonus really.

“The only pressure we have is within the group. We want to create stuff that we feel means something to us and represents us as people. That’s the only thing that matters really.

“When I show the other guys something I’ve done and they say they have goosebumps, that’s all that I need.”

Friden adds that the album’s first single Rusted Nail was chosen by the record label because he couldn’t bear to make the decision himself.

He says: “With this album I was so exhausted with what I’ve done but yet very pleased, that I told the record label, ‘That’s your business. I couldn’t choose one of my babies over the others.’ I guess they felt it was a nice track that represents the album and In Flames in a good way.”