Ill Nino, Trivium and more on tonight's Metal Hammer Radio Show


Tonight on the Metal Hammer Radio Show we take a look at the latest issue of Hammer guest edited by Slipknot with cover designed by Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard!

We’ll also be spinning choice cuts from Ill Nino’s debut album as well as tunes from Trivium, Stick To Your Guns, Of Mice & Men, Killswitch Engage, Motor Sister, Anthrax, Flotsam & Jetsam and Wovenwar.

Plus we’re talking about the news that Arnie has said the last Terminator film sucked and is confident the new one will meet previous standards of badassery. What would we like to see from the new Terminator film? We’re opting for the custard shooting splurge-guns from Bugsy Malone and a huge food fight…

You can listen live on Team Rock Radio and DAB at the 8PM GMT.

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