Head: "I had drugs to escape from my reality"

Tonight on the Metal Hammer Radio Show, Alexander Milas sits down with Korn's Brian 'Head' Welch to talk about his whirlwind lifestyle over the past ten years. Here's some highlights to listen out for...

On being a single father and his addiction

“My daughter was a huge part of getting off drugs and I knew all the other stuff would stop if I quit drugs. But I couldn’t do it until I felt that love in my life. I hated myself, I hated everything I became, that’s why I had drugs to escape from my reality.”

On his relationship with the rest of Korn

“Jon’s always been a nice guy. I think everyone else has changed – me, Munky and Fieldy. There’s a lot of unity now but before we didn’t care, we just wanted to go and get wasted.”

On people’s reactions to him finding God

“There were some jokes and some t-shirts came out that were saying crazy stuff like ‘Korn gave Head to God’, so it stung a little bit, but on the other side I was just laughing. Some of the comments were so out there it was crazy. Over the years people have been much more supportive and people’s view is changing on the whole thing and that’s what I want to do.”

Tune in to the Metal Hammer Radio Show tonight at 9pm for the FULL-LENGTH interview on TeamRock Radio and DAB.

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