Hang The Bastard out of Entombed AD tour


Hang The Bastard have pulled out of this week's UK tour dates with Entombed AD after singer Tomas Hubbard was struck down by a back problem.

The frontman has spent three days in hospital and is unable to walk without an aid due to a popped disc in his spine.

The London-based group were due to play four UK shows with Swedes Entombed AD, starting tomorrow (Tuesday) in Manchester.

Hubbard says: “I have limited feeling in my legs and feet due to my nerve stem in my spine. Having been under all manner of bizarre machines and sorcery, it would seem I will walk and in theory recover fully in the months to come.

“I sadly can’t tour or rock out as I can’t actually even walk without aid at present. I am so sorry to my fellow bandmates and fans of the band equally for basically being a state and ruining a dream of a line-up tour.

“We have spent a lot of money on flights and merch for the tour so are now gutted and in a tough spot.”

Hubbard says that he hopes to back out on the road as much as possible ever the next year.

He adds: “I’m so frustrated and sorry for any disappointment caused.”

Hang The Bastard released their latest album Sex In The Seventh Circle in September.