hAND go gold with album No.3


hAND have revealed their third album Kitsugi will be available in a Gold Edition featuring a different approach to their new material.

The Sussex outfit have spent the past year working on the follow-up to 2011’s Breathing, and return on November 3 with a standard release alongside the alternative take.

Label Brutal Elite say: “The Gold Edition is more than just the same album with a couple of bonus tracks. While it does contain some of the same songs, it’s approached in a very different way.

“Production style is more natural, dynamic and even old-school – designed to contrast with the heavier, more driving production employed on the ‘regular’ Kintsugi.”

Kat Ward and co explain: “We took the original idea of the album and broke it down into two versions. Neither is a compromise, it’s the same songs and the same album, just two very different approaches. The Gold Edition is all about feel and emotion; we were trying to give everything a more live vibe, and let the music breathe with proper dynamics and natural vocals.”

Kat Ward and co’s latest work is described as falling somewhere between Opeth and Amplifier, consisting of “hypnotic and supremely-orchestrated guitar riffs, crashing drums and pulsing rhythms.”