H.E.A.T rely on backing tracks, claims Vega man


Swedish AOR outfit H.E.A.T have been accused of relying on backing tracks at live shows.

Vega guitarist Tom Martin has made the claim after seeing them at this weekend’s HRH AOR festival, hours after his own band had played.

Martin says via Facebook: “H.E.A.T spoiler alert – I’m sorry to those of you that dig this band, but they piss myself and my fellow band members off that we work hard on real BVs and musicianship, and everything they do live is all on tape.Everything near enough.

“I’d love to see those boys without backing tracks. It would be shit. Very upset by it all.”

It’s not the first time Martin has taken a pot-shot at the other group. In December he said: “Cannot wait to blow H.E.A.T away at HRH AOR.” He agreed with friends who described the Swedes as “overrated” but added: “Nobody’s slagging anybody off – it’s all music. Nothing serious and all in good spirit.”

Vega released latest album Stereo Messiah in October, while H.E.A.T just launched Live In London, recorded last year.