GoFundMe campaign launched for Stryper’s Oz Fox after onstage seizure

(Image: © Larry Marano - Getty)

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help with Stryper guitarist Oz Fox’s medical bills.

Fox suffered a seizure onstage over the weekend in Las Vegas and was taken to hospital where it was discovered he had “two masses in his head” and is awaiting testing for brain surgery biopsies. 

And, with hospital bills to be paid, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help the guitarist and his family.

A statement reads: “At this time, the procedures that need to be done will not be covered on insurance. We are in the process of attempting to get him coverage, but in the meantime, his hospital bills are piling up at an enormous rate! 

“We don't know how much the brain biopsies will cost, nor what will happen when we get the results back – whether he will need more surgery to remove any tumours or treatment plans for healing.  

“Oz cannot drive, fly or work for three months because of the potential seizures. Stryper has had to cancel some of the shows out of the country because Oz cannot perform due to his medical condition. 

“Anything that is given will go directly to the costs incurred to help to Oz and Annie with medical bills and supplement any income lost.”

Earlier this morning, Fox’s Stryper bandmates gave an update on his condition on Facebook and revealed that he's been released from hospital with "heavy seizure meds and blood pressure pills" and report that he needs constant supervision due to the possibility of further seizures.

The update also says that, after receiving a second opinion by a nuerosurgon, he may now have laser brain surgery.

The GoFundMe campaign is looking to raise $100,000 and at the time of writing has reached $40,000.