Giver: the raging hardcore crew changing the world one bodyslam at a time

(Image credit: Marie Laforge)

Both punk rock and heavy metal have always been politically motivated forms of music and, with the upheaval and enormous division across the globe at the moment, it feels like there has never been a more pertinent time for bands to speak up. German metallic punks Giver are doing their very best to uphold those traditions. 

“Our band and our platform have been created for us to stand for certain values,” says bassist Christopher Schmidt. “I truly believe that, in the current climate of the world, if you aren’t speaking about issues that you wish to change, you’re doing a disservice to yourself. Why are you even here?”

The band’s new album, Sculpture Of Violence, is both a brilliantly visceral and devastating set of old-school metallic hardcore ragers, and a deep look into humanity’s seemingly never-ending obsession with violence.

“It’s basically posing the question of whether or not man can ever exist without war and destruction,” Christopher tells us. “We are constantly working to make the world a better place, speaking up for inclusivity and the betterment of the environment, but the system is so skewed against us…”

“It’s a system that relies on dividing people,” vocalist Robert Anderson says, picking up the thread. “We’ve started to wonder recently if this hallowed idea of world peace is ever truly achievable.” 

Regardless of the obstacles in front of them, Giver are staunchly focused on going about their business with the goal to affect as many people as they can, and surround themselves with an infrastructure that means they don’t have to compromise their ideals.

“The idea of commercial gain isn’t something that I ever give any thought to,” Christopher nods, while Robert shakes his head at the very idea. “Most of us are from the underground, DIY hardcore scene, Robert is much more of a ‘metal guy’, and we are more interested in creating shows and spaces for people that make them feel accepted for who they are. For giving those people that feel like they have no place, somewhere where they can belong whatever their persuasion. That’s more important to me.”

If you long for scabrous riffs married with a genuine social conscience, Giver are here for you – whoever you are. 

Sculpture Of Violence is out now

Stephen Hill

Since blagging his way onto the Hammer team a decade ago, Stephen has written countless features and reviews for the magazine, usually specialising in punk, hardcore and 90s metal, and still holds out the faint hope of one day getting his beloved U2 into the pages of the mag. He also regularly spouts his opinions on the Metal Hammer Podcast.