Ex-Iron Maiden legend urges fans to ignore Bruce Dickinson and vote them into Hall Of Fame

Iron Maiden in concert at the Rio rock festival, 24th January 1985
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Ex-Iron Maiden guitarist Dennis Stratton has spoken out against frontman Bruce Dickinson’s previous comments about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and has encouraged fans to vote for their induction.

Dickinson hasn't held back when sharing his thoughts on the institution, having stated in recent years that it is “run by a bunch of sanctimonious bloody Americans who wouldn't know rock and roll if it hit them in the face”. He also suggested that if his band were ever inducted, they’d refuse. Other comments saw Dickinson refer to the hall as “vulgar” and “an utter and complete load of bollocks”.

Dennis Stratton, who played with Maiden from 1979 until 1980, has been nominated for the prestigious award alongside the current line up as well as former members Paul Di’Anno and the late Clive Burr.

In an interview with eonmusic, Stratton says: “A lot of the fans are following Bruce’s comments and have said; “F the Hall of fame; we don’t need the Hall of Fame, the band don’t want it, so let’s not vote.

“But what they’ve got to remember is that it is a big, big honour for someone like me. I’ve even gone on Facebook and said; ‘listen, please vote’, because although it might not mean a lot to some people, it means the world to me.

“I’m hoping that the fans don’t take a lot of notice of Bruce’s comments. I want Maiden to get what they deserve.”

Speaking about the news of the nomination, Stratton continues: “I saw it, and I was so pleased that actually, me, Clive and Paul were included.

“I said to [Steve Harris] I do hope that we get in, and I do hope that the fans vote”.

Stratton appeared on the band’s No.4 charting self-titled debut album, contributing significantly to classics Phantom Of The Opera, Running Free, and the band’s eponymous anthem Iron Maiden.   

Although eligible for inclusion since 2005, 2021 is the first year that Iron Maiden have been nominated. Other acts on the ballot for 2021 include Rage Against the Machine, Foo Fighters, and Kate Bush. To vote in the fan ballot, you can do so on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website.

For the full interview with Dennis Stratton sharing his thoughts on Maiden and more, visit eonmusic.

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