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Foos could play a week at Wembley

Dave Grohl last night hinted that the Foo Fighters are planning a week-long residency at London’s Wembley Stadium.

He made his off-the-cuff comment during the first of the band’s three secret shows ahead of their headline appearance at the Invictus Games on Sunday.

The Foos, billed as The Holy Shits, played at Brighton’s Concorde 2 venue following a series of cryptic clues, which they began dropping at the weekend.

Grohl told the crowd: “I seem to remember, years ago, we played this club and it was hot as balls. When we were asked to play the Invictus Games I thought, ‘We haven’t played in the UK in years.’

“I thought we’d try to play gigs like this pretty much every night until we have to go home. It gives us a chance to see your faces before we play that week at Wembley stadium.”

The Holy Shits show included a string of songs that don’t usually appear on Foos setlists. Grohl stepped away from the mic for a guest appearance by the frontman of tribute act Foo Fighters UK.

Referring to the fans who were listening from beyond the club’s walls, he said: “Since we’ve been in this sweatbox there’s been about 2000 people outside. I’d rather be out there than in here – it’s hot as shit.”

The band play at London’s House Of Vans tonight. Those who have pre-ordered upcoming album Sonic Highways were yesterday given the chance to grab tickets. Details of the third secret show are yet to be confirmed.

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