Fall Out Boy fight for album format


Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump loves band releasing singles – but he doesn’t want the album format to die out.

The band hope there’s a future for both types of release, and they believe their 2013 record Save Rock And Roll is a good example of why the tradition of albums should be continued.

Stump tells VH1: “I’m okay with people doing singles and just focusing on that. I’m glad there’s a world of that, because I feel like singles are getting more exciting.”

But he adds: “The album is suffering. I don’t want that art form to get lost, because I think it’s really important for people to remember how to do it.”

Meanwhile, bandmate Pete Wentz believes there’s a new reason for FOB to keep their standards high. The bassist says: “We all have families back home now, so everything we do has to be important enough to us to leave the country for.”

FOB play this year’s Download festival on June 14 and the Isle Of Wight festival the following day.