Faith No More’s Bottum plans Bigfoot opera


Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum will premiere an opera he wrote in New York next month.

Titled Sasquatch: The Opera, the three-scene musical focuses on the daughter of a family who run Bigfoot tours in a small US town and the subsequent fallout when she falls in love and runs off with a real Sasquatch.

Bottum tells Noisey: “It’s not a traditional opera – it’s more like weird little operettas. I grew up in LA but I moved to New York specifically to get into opera, and had this preposterous idea for a Sasquatch love story.

“I wrote the story, I wrote the music, and we’re going to premiere it next month. It’s just going to be three scenes from the opera but then I’m going to elaborate on it and build it into a bigger production.”

And he reveals he chose Bigfoot as the main character as he’s always loved misunderstood “gentle giants.”

He continues: “My favourite characters are the kind of gentle giants like Frankenstein or the Elephant Man – a misunderstood monster who it turns out is very sensitive and has a high intellect. That always gets me. It felt like Sasquatch could satisfy that really well.

“I’m moved by the big thug who has a heart of gold.”

The opera takes place at the Roulette, Brooklyn on April 1 and 2.

Meanwhile, Faith No More recently released a stream of their track Superhero. It’s lifted from upcoming comeback album Sol Invictus which will be released on May 19.

The band are also lined up to play at this year’s Download festival at Donington on June 12-14.