Faith No More play Sol Invictus track for first time


Faith No More last night performed their track Cone Of Shame, from comeback album Sol Invictus, for the first time.

Mike Patton and co opened their second of two shows in Tokyo with the song, which appears to match keyboardist Roddy Bottum’s description of the album’s material as featuring “really simple instrumentation” and “a lot of pianos.”

Fan site FaithNoMoreFollowers revealed an audience video of the performance alongside the evening’s setlist.

Bottum tweeted after the performance: “Tonight was the first performance of Cone Of Shame. it felt good to do that in Tokyo to rectify the wreckage of last night’s tumult. Hug.”

FNM release Sol Invictus – their first full-length title since 1997’s Album Of The Year – on May 19. The band play this year’s Download festival, following a run of shows in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, North American and Europe.