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Eye Of The Tiger covered by Devil You Know

Devil You Know have streamed their cover of Survivor classic Eye Of The Tiger.

It appears as a bonus track on Howard Jones and co’s second album They Bleed Red, to be launched on November 5 via Nuclear Blast.

The song, originally released in 1982, was written at the request of movie star Sylvester Stallone, who used it in the soundtrack for Rocky III. It became the second-best selling single of the year in the US.

Devil You Know drummer John Sankey says: “One day in the studio, Howard turned up in a shower robe and started shadow boxing while doing his best Rocky Balboa impersonation. It was so impressive that we immediately knew we had to do Eye Of The Tiger.

“We entered the studio swinging wildly in all directions and there was blood, sweat and many, many tears – mainly of uncontrollable laughter. Hours later we emerged victorious and super-slow-motion high-fived each other in classic Rocky fashion.”

They Bleed Red is available for pre-order now. Devil You Know kick off a European tour with Five Finger Death Punch later this week.